During set up and deconstruction, there will be three Halogen lights lighting the work space at night on stands. The only guy wires being used will be during installation and deconstruction. The lights will be placed in a circle at 120 degree increments all pointing inward toward the project. The construction area will be a hard hat area, and as such, it will be fenced off with caution tape.

Illumination is The Ball of Light’s central theme, so it will be illuminated every night during the event.  Lights will be on from one hour before sunset to one hour after sunrise. When participants hug in the interactive Kinect area, a pre-programmed light show begins with moving, multi-colored lights spin in pre-choreographed patterns, projecting shapes of light against all surfaces. When no one is controlling the lights in the Kinect area, the lights will default to a pre-programmed pattern.

U R Beautiful is providing The Ball of Light Warriors as safety volunteers that will monitor the project throughout the night in shifts of four hours.