Materials & Dimensions

Sphere dimensions
Height 25’, length 25’, width 24’
Estimated 1000 pounds

Support structure: The bulk of the structure is created from Schedule 40 2” aluminum pipes. Each of the four rings are made up of four arcs. Each arc is made from Schedule 40 - 20' long x 2" aluminum pipes rolled to a 12.75' centerline radius. Each arc has one solid piece of 2" aluminum roundstock welded in it to create the male connector. The other end of the arc or the female connector is secured to another arc by combining it with the female end. Once fully seated it is secured with a stainless steel bolt. Each of the four rings will be connected together at the vertices by stainless steel bolts.

Spiral ladder : Is made from 3” Schedule 40 aluminum pipe for the vertical rails with 1.5” pipe for the rungs. The base of the rails are buried in the playa securing it in place. The top of the later is secured in place with steel cables stretching from four points at the top of the rings.

The Foundation: The base is made from a combination of wood 4x4s and square steel tubing.  The base is secured to the playa with ½” x 3' rebar stakes to prevent slippage.  Using Nashua 322 aluminum foil duct tape to tape down any protruding rebars or other items so that we can match the color of the aluminum structure.

Dreamcatchers: The climbing nets are constructed using Native American dreamcatcher techniques. They are made from 8mm static climbing rope from Marmot. Tension is maintained with a ratcheting Maasdam 4 ton cable puller for each ring.

Electrical: Windows computer, Xbox Kinect, (12) DMX scanner lights, DMX controller, (1) 100" DMX cable, (11) 20" DMX cables, 12 (20') power cables, (1) 100' power chord, 
Grounding rod with high conductive cable and 2500W generator.

Other: Zipties, (2) shovels, Magnet rake, (2) Rechargeable Makita drills, Two chargers, four rechargeable batteries, (9) 5 Gallon gas containers, (24) Stainless steel bolts, (30) steel bolts.

Recycling: With the exception of rebars from prior projects, we do not anticipate having the opportunity to use recycled materials. We prefer to recycle if such materials become available.