Physical Description

The Ball of Light is a two story gleaming aluminum sphere with climbing ropes on the inside surface and a spiral ladder in the middle. By night it radiates blazing light against the sky. The movement of the lights will be controlled by the participants, and will be seen from across the playa as a beckoning light show. Participants can climb a woven rope net around the four rings that form the sphere, or climb the spiral ladder to interact with the light directed toward the center.

The ever-changing light display catches the eye of distant observers. As curiosity drives them toward the sphere, they see the light reflected off the gleaming aluminum rings, the rope netting around the rings,  the playa beneath their feet, and the dusty sky. They soon notice participants climbing on the structure and the spiral ladder in the center. Upon arrival, they too can climb to the top.

The Ball of Light will request placement in the middle of a roundabout or a keyhole. The philosophical basis of this art piece involves connecting with our fellow human beings, so placement in a high traffic area would invite participation, particularly if traffic flowed around the structure. In addition, placement in a keyhole would enhance visibility for the beams of light because of the dust produced by normal traffic.

From 1 hour before sunset till one hour after sunset, costumed volunteers will help The Ball of Light participants interact with the structure safely.  The volunteers, clothed in a Moroccan Jalaba, whisper into the ears of the participants "U R Beautiful" and point to the location of the second interactive area where the Kinect light controllers are set up.  There, participants can control the direction, color, and intensity of the DMX lights mounted on the sphere.