Safety Protocols

Rules are rules and safety must be followed

All participants climbing the structure  must adhere to some basic rules for the safety of themselves and others.  Climbing  the structure with a disregard for the established safety protocols could result in injury.  Therefore some basic rules have been created to assure the safety and enjoyment of all participants.  Participants should take into consideration that their participation is voluntary and that the organizers of Burning Man (Black Rock LLC) and the designers and team of The Ball of Light take no responsibility and or liability for participation.

***All climbers must comply with safety protocols or will be denied climbing the structure.***

Climbing rules

Participants are not allowed to climb on the lights. Participants are encouraged to climb the dreamweaver netting and the ladder. Participants are encouraged to climb only to their abilities.

***Even though the climbing structure is designed to hold individuals in the air, there will be a limitation of 2 climbers on any one ring. .***

Costumes, clothing, and miscellaneous items

Participants are not allowed to climb if they are wearing movement restricting costumes, articles of clothing, or other miscellaneous materials or items that may hurt them if they fall.  Items such as clothes pins, bags, hard solid objects could be potentially harmful as a participant falls on one.  Also we do not want to damage the climbing structure and stop the fun and excitement for all others.


Participants will be required to be in a coherent state of mind and will be observed to determine their sobriety.  If participants are obviously intoxicated, or in an altered state of mind that is noticeable The Ball of Light Warriors will not allow for participants to climb.  Participants need to be coherent and understand the safety protocols to prevent injury.  Our goal is for participants to enjoy their experience not hurt themselves.  Though The Ball of Light cannot be certain of the abilities and coherent state of mind of the participants we will in due diligence do our best to prevent participants who are obviously not sober or in an altered state of mind from harming themselves by participating in the climbing experience of the project during a state of intoxication.

Verbal Cues

There will be two Ball of Light Warriors on duty during the nightly performances stating and explaining the climbing rules so that participants have full awareness of the intention of the project as well as the potential dangers and liability if they do not adhere to the safety protocols.


There will be a sign on each of the lights stating Do Not Touch.


The construction area will be roped off and posted with signs warning that it is a hard had area. No one will be allowed in the area without a hard hat. Since the project will be completed before the general public is allowed into the event, we should be able to enforce this.