About our team

We have identified and filled all roles of our crew.  Many will be showing up the week before the event to build & assemble the project's structures: 7 assemblers to build & deconstruct the structures, supported by a ground crew of 5 volunteers.  A rotating pool of 35+ volunteers will host the installation to encourage interactivity & safety. 3 volunteers will act as earth guardians to sweep up afterward and insure the land is returned to pristine condition.  We would appreciate the use the mechanical trencher, but will bury our cables by hand if needed.

Inspiration to the artist has come from the burner community who have filled the following roles with their skills:  Design, Interactivity Engineer, 3D graphics, Costuming, On Site Assembly, Climbers & Riggers, Programming of interactive sound/light show, Onsite Project Mgr., PrePlaya Development Mgr., Onsite Videographer, Photographer, Ticket Acquisitors, Webmaster, Materials Fabricator, Concept Development Team, & Earth Guardians.
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