Leave No Trace Plan

change for TBoL
All rented steel will be loaded back onto flat bed trucks and returned to the supplier. 

The foam pads will be donated to a community gym following the event. It will be picked up by the recipient of the  donation or a shipping company who will transport the foam pads to their final destination.

The lights, sound system, fire art, and decorations will be removed to be used in future art pieces at local burns, or will be returned to the people who donated them for use in this project.  

Deconstruction will begin Monday following the temple burn.  Water from the ballasts will be removed in 55 gallon drums in which it was delivered to the playa in.  

Buried steel pipe from the propane will be removed and the trenches filled in and tamped down.

The project will leave no footprint on the playa.  Daily moop sweeps will be done to ensure a clean project area.  All moop will be collected in containers we provide and removed from the playa by us. 

Two days after the event our site will be in the condition it was before we arrived.