The Ball of Light interactively demonstrates how each person is directly involved with each others’ experience while allowing for individual self expression.  This community is based on interactivity and involvement in our surroundings.  Just by witnessing the light they are participating. Just as our lights are not aware of who we touch, the outer light touches the inner light bringing us together.

However, the structure is meant to be climbed, not just to look pretty. It can handle roughly 10 people climbing on it at one time (two people per ring and two on the spiral ladder).  After seeing the lights and choosing to participate, the observer may also choose to interact by manipulating the lights and sounds of The Ball of Light sphere by remote control nearby the installation.

Light sound control - Player 1 controls the lights on the sphere with physical movement with a Kinect (Infrared motion sensing input device). Player 2 controls the music with physical movement with 2nd Kinect (Infrared motion sensing input device). When player 1 and 2 come together for a hug actuated by a third Kinect (Infrared motion sensing input device) a preset music and light show ensues. Once the light show is completed the interaction, The system reverts back to player 1 and 2 remote control.

Consideration has been given for wind and interactivity, in the design of the structure. The low wind profile allows no surface that can be grabbed by the wind. Having The Ball of Light directly across the street from U R Beautiful camp allows for a higher level of watchfulness if any possible issues arise.  There will always be 2 observant volunteers on shift for the duration of the project.