Pre Playa Construction Schedule

Assemble Structural elements at Zometools warehouse in Longmont,Co April 2011 Gregory,Pal Hildebrandt,Damien Budd,Jonathan Page
Prototype Installed & Exhibited at Flipside (Austin Regional Burn) 5/26/2011 Gregory, Boarhead
Create video #1 of version 3 June 2011 Gregory
Considerations for developing safe interactivity Ongoing Gregory, Jim, Hepkat, Doug Davis, Boarhead
Contact costume designer & pay for prototype, costumes begin design October 2011 Gregory, Mable Edeko
Create Video #2 of project progression October 2011 Jason Hess
Contact engineer consultant about sheer strength of materials to determine capacity for interactivity October 2011 Paul Hildebrandt
Travel to Austin to discuss & develop Xbox Kinect Sound interactive access 11/1/2011 Gregory, Robin Arnot
Meet with engineer with blueprint draft of mooring  (to determine interactive capacity for climbing chaos) November 2011 Gregory, Jim Caddell
The Ball of Light /URBeautiful Meeting #1 at Bistro B in Dallas 11/8/2011 20ish friendly helpful burners
Purchase 3 spools of climbing rope (need one more) 11/18/2011 Gregory
Purchase Electric Drill 11/25/2011 Gregory
Researches liability waivers & fantastically positive outcomes in the litigation history of BRC to satisfy a fabricator  Nov 2011 Suza HepKat
Create Video #3 of presentation of project progression  November 2012  Jason Hess
Setup Regular Tuesday meetings for costumes November 2012 Gregory,Jesslyn Littlefoot, Matt Ostrokol
Create blueprint draft of mooring December 2011 Gregory, Nekkid Jim
Visit Baldwin Metals 12/27/2011 Gregory, Nekkid Jim
Look for test build location January 2011 Gregory
Window to purchase BM 2012 tickets 1/9/2012  Erin Twiss & individual volunteers
Create 3D animation in Google Sketchup of Camp and Installation 1/3/2012 Gregory Haley
Meeting #2 - Dallas Makers Space 1/20/2012 project volunteers & campmates
Purchase materials for Plan A fabrication January 2012 Gregory, Baldwin Metals
Complete purchase of needs for xbox kinect interactive, including connectors   January 2012 Dina Ramirez, Marshal Yount, Brian O'Neal, Rob Hyoomen Vann 
Version 1 of Grant application complete 1/16/2012 Suza HepKat
Prepare & Submit The Ball of Light Grant application 10/1/2011 Gregory, Suza Hepkat, Nekkid Jim
Fabricate Version 6 of The Ball of Light Mid February 2012 Gregory,Nekkid Jim
Test sound with Kinect February  2012 Robin Arnot
Test light with Kinect Late February 2012 Dina Ramirez,Marshal Yount, Rob Hyoomen Vann
First test build of newly fabricated version of sphere, setup outside March  2012 Location TBD
Spring (Tie up any loose ends) April 2012 Boing boing boing 
Submit URBeautiful camp placement (across the street from Ball of light on Round about) May 2012 Gregory
2nd Test run of The  Ball of Light Build entire structure - Location TBD June 2012   Gregory, Matt Ostrokol,Jesslyn Littlefoot, Nekkid Jim, Sam Ocean, Monkey Jacks, Rob Hyoomen Vann, Suza Hepkat, Brandon Rainbolt, MJ Griffen, Olay Bayramlogu, David Fessenden, Charlie Haley
Summer (finalize project) Summer 2012
Packing project into shipping containers Early July 2012 Gregory, Monkey Jacks, Olay Bayaramlogu, Nekkid Jim
Pick up Box Truck 8/9/2012  Gregory 
Pack Truck 8/9/2012  Gregory, Monkey Jacks,Jesslyn Littlefoot, Matt Ostrokol, John Haley, Charlie Haley, MJ Griffen, Brandon Rainbolt, Olay Bayaramlogu, David Fessenden, Micheal Potts,Nekkid Jim
Truck leaves Dallas 8/10/2012 Gregory, Monkey, Lenny Watson, Tabitha Powers
BRC (on-playa) 8/20/2012 Gregory, et al

Early test models and designs were begun in July 2009; with the first prototype version constructed at the Texas Regional, Burning Flipside in May 2011.  Materials have been accumulated since that time as the project has evolved towards higher interactivity. 25’ Aluminum rings in four parts have already been ordered.  Assembly of fabricated new version expected in mid-February.

The Kinect design is split into three parts Sound,  Light and Hug The sound portion is complete. lacking only the hug functionality. Light is getting underway with the release of the new SDK February 1st.  The Light is scheduled to be completed as of mid to late March. The Hug functionality is projected to be completed as of the end of April.