Future Plans

While the project has a goal the real concept behind the project is enjoying the process. Below is the project from its inception to whatever it will develop into. 

We are interested in displaying The Ball of Light again. Considerations for public interactivity might require liability insurance to be obtained, development of urban anchor systems and/or possibly padding the ground beneath the sphere.  We will apply to the annual non-profit, Aurora Art Festival held in downtown Dallas, Texas http://dallasaurora.com in October.  The Kinect controlled lights are interactive in any setting. The addition of several mobile hazers or smoke machines would be required to duplicate the necessary particulate matter for the lights to reflect upon in an urban setting.

 Version ProgressionInfluenced by 
 0Originally asked what I want out of life. The Ball of Light document was created in response.Rebecca & Shoshanna 
1 Aug 2009
Version  1
Blazing Sun interpretation from verbal & written explanation 
2 Sep 200
version 2
Correction after talking with Blazing Sun in person 
3  May 2011
version 3
After world trip with Rebecca and searching for modeling structure. Paul Hildebrandt & Marc Pelletier Zometools (sadly are unclimbable)  
4  Nov 2011
version 4
Jim Caddell shows his interest in safety and begins 3D modeling.  
Essential Elements Restated Nov 2011
Essential Elements
After talking with Jim and Suza Kanon I provide the absolute basics needed to portray the project. Anything more is embellishment.Working with Marshal Yount to utilize Xbox Kinect for light manipulation
5 Dec 2011
Version 5
New lighter more elegant structures are played while Jim and I banter back and forth. 
6 Jan 2012
version 6
Introduced to Nassim Harramein at the Alex Grey Manifestation event in Dallas. Discover extremely stabile structure called vector equilibrium. $15K Burning Man art grant fell through. :-(
 7 March 2012

Metal ladder scrapped. A central Cylindrical rope ladder allows for rotation of people without rotation of object. Allowing for a higher degree of involvement and lower degree of mechanical complication. The sewing of the ropes is a genius idea.  
 10 July 2012
Aluminum is not strong enough to support weight of climbing and coming down to the last minute (should have gone with Steel). Going with just the rings and the lights and the Kinect. 
 27 July 2012
 First light test with Marshalls programming on the sphere. Strung rope on the inside of the sphere as a reflective surface to be able to see the lights as they move ,since we do not have smoke,fog or dust to see The Ball. Carlos Ruiz, Ernesto Ikerd, Ryan Abrams Rob Hyooman work on the light manipulations for the project. 

The documentation of the evolution of the project is an essential aspect since it demonstrates how the light from others has a direct effect. Rarely do we actually know the effect we have on our world. We all see to have an effect.