About The Project

The Ball of Light is a gleaming aluminum sphere with lights directed toward and through the center, so that it radiates in all directions. The light represents introspection into the light of our own souls as well as a joyous celebration of our connections to the other balls of light with whom we share the world.

The light from the sphere interacts with the structure itself, the earth, and the sky. The coruscating light show invites human participants to interact more intimately.

If the art could speak, it would say:

“All of our lights point toward the Center, creating a ball.  I am a ball of light. I am surrounded by other balls of light. Each ball of light can move through the innumerable balls of light in the universe. Energy flows in all directions.  All balls of energy are affected by the balls of energy that touch them. I love what light is given to me by those who choose to give it. 

“I am a ball of light.  My light shines on others.  Light that shines on others becomes a part of their own light.  Their light shines on the people they know.  The light belongs to everyone if it belongs to one.

“I focus on the actions I do because they point toward the center of the sphere and those around me can choose do the same.

“Stop in a beautiful spot and be present enough to realize ho
w beautiful an opportunity this moment is -- to be together, while appreciating & interacting energetically with the surroundings where we exist!”
The Ball of Light
I am a ball of light. You are a ball of light.
There is a ball of light in everything.
The more time spent around any particular ball of light
the more you appreciate that ball of light for what it is.

With the project The Ball of Light I am reinterpreting appreciation for love.